About Us

As BATICOM, we started with our architectural and technical staff in the steel construction, construction, furniture and decoration sector which we joined in 2000. While designing aesthetic, functional and solid furniture  for our valued customers, our focus on our staff, our dedication and our trust, with our dynamic and creative group open to innovations.  we reach our objectives with certain steps.  The solid foundations of our establishment are based on 45 years of family experience and the assurance of design ideas that we have brought to the industry, collective project, turnkey construction, custom design villa, decoration, office, stand.  , etc.  we successfully manufacture many jobs.  In addition, we produce with our partners the screening plant, the concrete plant, the parquet production plant and the asphalt production plants and offer them to our customers.  In our Project and decoration department, kitchen, bathroom, door, rail cabinet, TV cabinet, tree cover, office, hotel, restaurant, cafe / bar furniture, as well as furniture and decoration work for companies  , perfumes, glassware, gifts and white goods are sold in our stand section We manufacture and build wooden stands in the region.  We also sign numerous projects as a solution partner for our colleagues in the architect, interior designer and engineer group.

Our Mission

To meet the aesthetic, functional and solid detached house and very special architectural needs in the sector by using the resources in the most efficient way with a service understanding that is honest, reliable, high quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Teknolojik gelişmeleri de takip ederek alanında uzman çalışanlarımızla emin adımlarla ilerleyerek iç pazarda kendi alanında lider firma olmak. Ayrıca ihracat ağırlıklı yapacağımız çalışmalar ve yatırımlarla hem işgücü anlamında geniş istihdam sahaları yaratmak hem de ülke ekonomisine gözle görülür bir şekilde katkıda bulunmaktır.